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CUFE-BS Academic Seminar: Guidance on research field and topic in management research
Date :2021-09-28

Time: 20:00 - 21:30 PM, 29 Sep 2021


Location: Online Tencent Conference (ID:492 573 026)


Speaker: Professor Wang Zhen



Topic selection is the first step in academic research. A proper topic is half of the success. How to determine a proper topic for a PhD candidate? In this seminar,the keynote speaker will introduce what is a proper topic, the general principles in topic selection, and share the 3 steps and 4 elements in topic selection process. Finally, the keynote speaker will take new published papers in top journals as examples to illustrate how to select a proper topic.


Speaker profile:

Dr. Wang Zhen is professor and doctoral supervisor, and Director of the Department of Organization and Human Resources Management in CUFE Business School. Professor Wang serves as Director of the editorial board of China Human Resources Development, and editorial board member of Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Progress in Psychological Science, etc. Professor Wang’s main research fields are ethical and service-oriented leadership and human resource management. In recent years,Professor Wang completed 3 National Natural Science Foundation and 3 provincial and ministerial research projects. Professor Wang’s research papers were published in top journals such as the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Human Relations, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, Acta Psychologica Sinica and Journal of Management Science. He had been awarded as Beijing Distinct PhD (2013), AOM and RRBM research awards.




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