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CUFE Business school Held the 2021 Winter Academic Forum forPhD Candidates
Date :2021-12-31


December 23-24 2021, CUFE Business school held the 2021 Winter Academic Forum for PhD candidates. The forum was co-hosted by the Academic Department of the Graduate student union ofCUFE Business School. 22 PhD candidates were invited as keynote speakers and to give presentations. 13 Professors from related disciplines were invited as reviewers. Over 40 guest students were attended.







The forum was composed by 5 parallel subs. The speakers gave their presentations from the perspective of research background, research significance and progress, obstacles in current research and thesis writing. The reviewers and guests speakers gave pertinent comments and suggestions from an academic point of view.Guest students also participated in the discussion session. The forum aimed to stimulate academic inspirations, answer questions in research processes, standardize the research process, and promote the students’ research levels.




After the forum, CUFE Business School conducted a feedback survey among all professors and students that attended the forum. All professors spoke highly of the organization, and pointed out that the PhD candidates would have to improve their competences in research topic selection, theoretical literacy, literature accumulation, writing norms and speech expression. Students all said that they had gained useful guidance and valuable suggestions through the forum. They expected that the future forum activities would adopt diversified forms of communications to optimize group arrangements between the audience and speakers, so that to increase the communication, interaction and pertinence of the guidance. CUFE Business School would improve the organization of the forum according to the feedback, and provide better academic experience and research support for PhD students in the future.




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